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Remembering our past may be the key to surviving the future.

We are told in school that we are the most advanced people the Earth has ever seen.  It’s the dogma of our age.  Yet Spirit Science readers know that modern scientists and machinists cannot replicate ancient technology.  Our modern equipment cannot attain the precision of some of the megalithic stone structures.
I can't shake the feeling that our future depends on us remembering what our ancestors knew.

 If you watch the first few episodes of Ancient Aliens, you can finally understand what the builders of the great pyramids at Giza were up to.  Giza was a giant power plant, generating energy and transmitting it to receivers — the obelisks —  all over the world.  This theory is a little disappointing to those of us who hoped the pyramids were portals to Sirius B, or initiation chambers — and maybe some other ones were — but boy, the theory is convincing.  There is also much evidence to suggest that our ancestors possessed atomic technology (such as the Arc of the Covenant) and airships and nuclear technology (as referred to by the ancient Vedic texts).

But this article isn’t about the pyramids, nor is it about the global, high-tech culture that preceded our own. It’s about a more recent era, the Neolithic — just a few thousand years ago.  The recent prehistoric past. 

The material culture left behind by Neolithic people in Eurasia does not seem to include much advanced technology, so I am left to conclude that these people had not inherited their ancestors’ tech.  Either that, or, we haven’t yet found the remains of the advanced civilization that still existed at the time, since like today, cultures of differing levels of technology may have co-existed.   Evidence suggests that cultures rise, decline, and fall.  Usually there is a dark age of barbarism after a fall.  This corresponds with what some of the ancient Vedic texts say about cycles of time, that we rise and fall through eras of higher and lower states of consciousness.
a rendition of our Neolithic ancestors at Avebury, photo of an exhibit at Avebury Museum

Many ancient and modern writers speak of a recent super-catastrophe, the Flood spoken of in so many different myths.  There is much evidence for this from the geological record. There may have been a comet event as well as a flood caused by the melting of Ice Age glaciers, around 5000 BC.   An excellent book called Catastrophobia by Barbara Hand Clow delves into these literally earth-shattering events.  We know from modern research that traumatic situations often lead to memory loss.  Perhaps some of our culture’s shrill insistence on being the pinnacle of human life on the planet is really a state of denial.  We don’t want to remember a catastrophe that sent a highly advanced culture back to the Stone Age ..  because we don’t want to come to the inevitable conclusion that it could happen to us.

If the Neolithic people were living after the fall of a more advanced civilization brought down by a cataclysm, The Neolithic people of Eurasia may have looked back in awe to their ancestors that created things like the pyramids.  Or perhaps some groups still possessed the technology to create huge stone monuments, such as Ggantija n Malta, an incredible site that is dated to the Neolithic. They apparently still remembered how to heat stone and make blocks.  I believe they still possessed the technology to generate energy.  But what if, instead of using nuclear power as the older pyramids did, they were harnassing the energy of the planet?  Tapping in to the cosmic and earth energies like a battery, as Nicola Tesla did in the 20th century, instead of using technology to split atoms?  Could the split between natural and destructive energy technologies be the split between white and dark magics that are spoken of in some of the channeled narratives about the fall of the advanced civilization that preceded ours?

When I see this picture of Silbury Hill in England, I think to myself, “Self, what the &#%*.  What were they up to?”  After all, I built a house in the mountains, and I know how hard it is to move dirt, even with big machines.  “And where did the dirt come from?” (asked my friend Priyal, the bloke in the photo).

No mainstream voices offer much in the way of plausible theories aside from the usual vague “Oh, you know, they did all kinds of silly stuff for their primitive religions.”  But there are those outside of mainstream who have extensive theories about what they were up to, especially in Britain.  

Let’s take a step back and talk about the energy lines on the planet.  The most potent ancient monuments around the world have one thing in common:  the presence of Earth energies (underground water and ley lines), which can affect human consciousness.   The underground water is an expression of the feminine force.  We are talking about primary water, not the water table from rain;  primary water is created in the bowels of the earth as a by-product of chemical reactions.  It is forced under pressure to the surface in some places, which are considered holy wells, places of healing and spiritual contemplation, places of the Earth Mother.  If you stand over a line of primary water, you feel warm and fuzzy, calm.  If you spend too much time on one, you can become too lazy.  If you sleep over a polluted line of primary water, you can become ill.

the "ley of the land" at Avebury
Lay lines, or energy lays, are 6 to 8 feet wide perfectly straight beams of yang energy that have a direction of flow.  If you walk along a lay line, as our ancestors did, you feel in increase of energy.   Ley lines express the masculine, cosmic, sky forces.  They enter the earth in the cracks of primary water, and create mostly straight lines where people and animals travelled in the past.  This is where we get the phrase “the lay of the land.”   
A power spot is where yin of veins of primary water, and  straight beams of yang energy come together.  It not always the same through the year;  the peak of power for a particular site depends on sun and moon and other planets and stars.  If the ley aligns with the rising or setting of the sun, the energy will be more potent.  

Until around 6000 we were nomads, in tune with nature and naturally at the appropriate power spot at the time of year we needed to be there to do the rituals. The earth Mother led us to the right place at the right time.  When we settled down,  we had to find ways to enhance the earth energies at times they were not at their peak. The most famous examples are Stonehenge, aligned to summer solstice; and Newgrange in Ireland, aligned to the winter solstice. 

With this basic understanding, let’s get back to Silbury Hill. Silbury is part of the huge network at Avebury, the most impressive Neolithic site I’ve been to (and I’ve made it my mission to go to as many as I can).   I meditated and looked out at the landscape at Avebury and saw how it had all been sculpted. ( See the picture.)  They were master permaculturists, creating berms and swales to cultivate water, to raise the water table.  The landscape at Avebury is so sculpted, you can clearly see the ley lines that criss cross over the landscape.  They lead from mound to mound, Silbury being the largest manmade mound  I know of.  Around these mounds were moats of water.  

It seems that what they were doing was charging the water around the mounds, with magical intentions, then sending that intention out along the direction of the ley lines, from one site to the next.  The stone circles acted as cyclotrons — spinning the energy, spiraling it, to augment it.

How were these stone circles made?  Not just any stone would do.  The stone they used, known as sarsen, is a dense, hard rock created from sand bound by a silica cement.   When I visited an amazing Native American mound complex in Crystal River, Florida, I saw the same kind of stone as in the English stone circles: volcanic, hard, sharp.   It was everywhere:    even lining peoples’ driveways,  along with the plastic pink flamingoes.  And then there's Coral Castle, a modern stone castle built by one quirky little guy in Florida in the 1940s.  He apparently travelled all over North America looking for the specific type of stone he needed to build Coral Castle.  Guess what:  same kind of stone.

So what’s up with this stone:  it’s a type of limestone.  In ancient sites like Avebury, we see not only limestone but chalk, which is another form of limestone.  Limestone is mostly calcium carbonate.  It can be composed of tiny crystals too small to be seen (!), or it can be “dolomitic” — calcium and magnesium.  Sometimes, it is comprised of tiny shells, highly-compressed fossilized remains of the bones of our ancestors.  People have been building and painting and plastering with lime forever.

Limestone is sedimentary, meaning that every generation of creature that make up the layers of fossils built on top of the previous generation, as so many ancient human villages did as well. There are so many minerals that can be found in limestone.  Is that why it was used in the stone circles?  Or does the ancient magic come from the crystallized silica in limestone, which now holds the data that controls the world, in our silicon?  I don’t pretend to understand how they used limestone, but I am following the clues and putting them out there here on Spirit Science.  I hope one of you brilliant Indigo children can piece together the story and re-engineer the ancient knowledge!

The other thing you find at sacred sites other than forms of limestone is quartz crystal. At every “portal” where you enter nature trance easily, or where supernatural events like UFOs are often noticed, you find lots of it.  Quartz has the property of changing the atomic footprint of water.  With quartz we can charge water with our intentions:  a form of manifestation magic.

So it seems that our ancestors were charging the water at their sacred sites with intentions, with magical power.   Each power center was responsible for ritual at certain times of the year.  We took the sky energy in the form of direct sunlight to penetrate the feminine chamber of the underground water.  The energy then entered the cyclotron of the stone circle, which enhanced the intentions,  then was shot outwards, out of the circle, towards the next barrow on the horizon, spreading the fertilizing power of these power centers into the land.   This was crucial to our ancestors’ survival — the fertility of the land.  In addition to fertility, this power could also be used for healing,  for for transformation, magic;  for foretelling the future, or for growth in spiritual consciousness.  

During this time in Neolithic,10,000-3500 BC,  it seems to have been mostly used for upliftment of consciousness.  No evidence of warfare has been found.  At this time there was fine metal craftsmanship with gold and copper, but metal had not been alloyed into bronze.  There were no weapons. 

It seems that one of the crucial aspects of this ritual magic was contacting the ancestors.  Almost every culture has a tradition of honoring the ancestors and calling upon them for guidance (until recently).   Mediums, Siberian shamans, voodoo practitioners, seance holders, and Ouija board users have called up the departed to benefit from their out-of-this-world perspectives. 

 Neolithic people exposed the bodies of their dead to the holy vultures to be picked clean, and then moved the bones to group graves like the one at West Kennett Longbarrow at the Avebury complex.  These ancestor houses were often visited, and the ancestors were fed (tea and cookies, for example, if they were Anglo Saxons).  During times when the veils between the worlds were thin — such as Sawhain (Halloween), they called upon the ancestors for inspiration and advice.  Placing these group graves along the energy lines allowed them to access this source of wisdom.

ancestral group grave at Avebury

The energy from Avebury and the ancestral grave at West Kennett shot through the landscape to other sacred sites such as Glastonbury, along the most famous ley line on earth, the Michael line.  The Michael and Mary lines run the longest axis of the British Isles, snaking around each other like the Ida and the Pingala meridians that bring kundalini energy along the human spine.   Seeing this parallel between the earth and the body afforded me a glimpse how the kundalini energy of the human body and that of the Earth were one and the same.   Our ancestors may have channelled tantric energy up from the earth and down from the sky, then circulated it throughout their bodies as well as throughout their land:  for fertility, abundance, and power.   Tantra and geomancy were one and the same for our ancestors.  It is little wonder why there was so little exploitation of the earth in those days.

It all comes down to electromagnetic forces, which is frequency and vibration. If we can figure out how to tune our transmitters to the setting we like ..  we can hack this illusion we call life!

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